Saturday, March 16, 2013

Olivar de Segura oil mill

A few months ago I had the pleasure of collaborating in a project for a well known oil mill in Spain, Olivar de Segura (Jaén). I had to work on the conference room where reverberations made imposible the use of this space due to its' great hight and 'hard' materials.

Having studied several solutions, we proceded to create a new perforated ceiling that would absorb the noise, and reinforce it with acoustic panels that at the same time would look like linens:

We gave new inclinations to the new ceiling to create more movement into the room.

I also created a personalized design for the acoustic panels (Porosonic Systems SL) where I would use the logo of the company in an abstract form.

To extend the vision of the entrance hall and to invite the visitors to enjoy the new room, I made a design  with an Andalusian 'latticework' and the logo of the company for two printed glasses, in order to accompaing he door. The final product always spectacular from the hand of deVidrio.

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